In consideration of services by Restore Balance LLC, I hereby declare as follows:

That Restore Balance has stated that they will neither diagnose nor prescribe for any condition or problem from which I may appear to be suffering.

That I understand that they practice restorative yoga therapeutics, a holistic healing art based on the ancient science of yoga.  I understand that a session includes touch and assisted restorative yoga postures. I understand that it is not a substitute for medical treatment.

That Restore Balance has informed me and I understand that no guarantee or promises of cures have or will be made and that any benefits which I experience come from within my own awareness and self-knowledge.

All Yoga methods involve risk of injury. By choosing to participate in classes, you voluntarily assume a certain risk of injury. The following guidelines will help you reduce your risk of injury: Breathe smoothly and continuously as you move and stretch.

 Try not to hold your breath or strain to attain any posture.
 Work gently while respecting your body's abilities and limitations. Don't perform postures or movements that are painful.

By signing this form, you certify that you have read and voluntarily agree to the above statements, and hereby release Restore Balance and your instructor from any and all liability for any injuries that you may sustain during or as a result of your participation in these yoga classes.


By booking a class you agree to disclosure statement above